Electric cars but also motorcycles and electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. For further development of electromobility it is very important to develop the necessary infrastructure, in particular a sufficiently dense network of charging stations.

Czech company VOLTDRIVE is dedicated to the development and production of charging stations since 2010 and is among the leading suppliers of charging systems in Central Europe.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, so they are suitable especially for the city traffic (but not only there!).

Saving of Operating Costs

Electric vehicles bring saving of operating costs – you do not have to buy any fuel, you just recharge the battery.

Undemanding Maintenance

Servicing is cheaper and easier than with the “classic” vehicles. The electric motor has fever defects.

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Use subsidies for charging stations
Use subsidies for charging stations

From 1. 4. 2016 to 31. 7. 2016 ongoing challenge in subsidy support of low-carbon technologies in Czech companies. The construction of charging stations for electric vehicles…

Brno widespread network of charging stations
Brno widespread network of charging stations

There were placed new charging stations in the new parking garage for Janacek Theatre in Brno. For example, the station added that E.ON placed on Vaňkovka and Brno airport.

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