About the Company

VOLTDRIVE among the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of active and passive components for networking and electromobility.

The company VOLTDRIVE was founded in 2010 as a specialized company in development and production of charging stations for electric vehicles and the creation of complex systems and networks in the field of electromobility.

VOLTDRIVE offers comprehensive technology and technical know-how in the field of charging infrastructure in the dynamically growing segment of electromobility. The company develops passive and active elements for recharging infrastructure, and on the basis of these elements completes and delivers customer-modified charging station. VOLTDRIVE products meet required safety criteria and delivers the latest trends in technology and standardization.

The charging station VOLTDRIVE include the full range of solutions from domestic stations for indoor and outdoor installation via the charging complexes stands for high-capacity parking lots to the detached stands on outdoor car parks with unlimited access.

The concept VOLTDRIVE counts with the possibility of serving all the above options as sophisticated and thoughtful design proposal and variable interior fitting. The desired rack so you can combine the number and type of outlets, type control, user registration, payment, and a range of communications, from local to remote online connection to headquarters. The VOLTDRIVE concept envisages close cooperation with energy companies, and therefore tries to use the technology and procedures that are well-known for energy companies.

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