Charging station VoltDrive DS 3

    DS3 Charging Station


    DS3 charging station is made of aluminium alloys and features a solid bollard design as well as resistance to weather conditions and vandalism. The model is fitted with standard charging outlets. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. DS3 charging station is operated by a drop coin meter (payment).

    Individual specification
    Common specification
      • Drop coin meter operated power outlets (payment)
      • LED indication of charging
      • Solid bollard design
      • Made of aluminium alloy
      • Resistant to weather conditions and vandalism
      • Simple assembly
      • Permanent LED lighting
      • Rear lockable access door


      • Český produkt
      • Dobíjecí stanice je  vyrobena z hliníkových slitin
      • Masivním provedení sloupku
      • Vysoká odolnost proti povětrnostním vlivům a vandalismu
      • Osazení standardizovanými zásuvkami pro dobíjení
      • Vhodné pro instalaci v interiéru i exteriéru

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    Benefity DS3 Charging Station

    Environmentally Friendly

    Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, so they are suitable especially for the city traffic (but not only there!).

    Saving of Operating Costs

    Electric vehicles bring saving of operating costs – you do not have to buy any fuel, you just recharge the battery.

    Undemanding Maintenance

    Servicing is cheaper and easier than with the “classic” vehicles. The electric motor has fever defects.

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