Electromobility is a trend of the present and it will reach its boom in the near future.

Electric vehicles, as well as motorbikes and electric bicycles are gaining bigger and bigger popularity. Further expansion of electromobility is conditioned by expansion of necessary infrastructure, especially a dense enough network of charging stations. The Czech company VOLTDRIVE Ltd. produces VOLTDRIVE Charging Stations. The company’s specialists have spent a lot of time and effort on developing and testing the stations. They guarantee high quality, safety and resistance of these charging stations, which are fully certified to be connected to the electrical grid.

Electromobility is currently a “trendy” issue. And it is good because using electric vehicles brings wide-ranging benefits. Among other things they are environmentally friendly and feature silent and fluent driving without exhaust fumes, as well as saving of operating costs. Electric vehicle technologies are still improving – e.g. driving distance for one charging is increasing – and with regard to their mass expansion they are also going down in price, which applies also to the infrastructure including charging stations. At present, there is a network of these charging stations being built all over the Czech Republic, just as there was a network of petrol stations for spark-ignition engine vehicles built a few tens of years ago.
Electric vehicles:

  • Are environmentally friendly, so they are suitable especially for the city traffic (but not only there!)
  • Bring saving of operating costs – you do not have to buy any fuel, you just recharge the battery
  • Their service is cheaper and easier than with the “classic” vehicles.
    • The electric motor has fever defects – it consists of fewer parts and is not exposed to high pressures or temperatures
    • The lifetime of brakes is higher – they use engine for braking
    • You do not need to fill up or change oil and engine coolant

Other vehicles as interesting as electric vehicles are electric scooters (also these are very suitable for the city traffic) and electric bicycles. They are expected to gain mass popularity in the Czech Republic as it is largely a hilly country (including the capital Prague).


Which electric vehicle are you thinking of buying?

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