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Use subsidies for charging stations

2016-04-01 19:25:26

Use subsidies for charging stations

From 1. 4. 2016 to 31. 7. 2016 ongoing challenge in subsidy support of low-carbon technologies in Czech companies. The construction of charging stations for electric vehicles is advantageous for companies, because the aid intensity is limited subservient eligible.

Grant recipients can be businesses - small, medium and large enterprises in assisted CZ NACE. The challenge is divided into 3 sectors and will support:

  • Road electromobility, introduction of innovative technologies in the field of low-carbon transport. Support will purchase electric vehicles and non-public charging stations for electric vehicles within the business premises for their own use.
  • Energy accumulation and to eg. Technologies: electrochemical batteries, super-capacitors, pumped-storage power plants, hydrogen technology and mechanical batteries.
  • Implementation of technologies for the extraction of raw materials in a quality suitable for further use in industrial processes eg. From used paper, glass, metal, tires, textiles, plastics, construction and demolition waste, by-products and many other products for end of life.

The project must be implemented anywhere in the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague. Enterprises can, through a grant to participate in a pilot deployment of innovative technologies that will change the economy and will increase thanks to competitive advantage.