VOLTDRIVE SILENTIUM W charging station

VOLTDRIVE SILENTIUM W charging station


The VOLTDRIVE SILENTIUM range of charging stations are designed for the safe charging of electric vehicle batteries.

Individual specification
Common specification
    • Start charging automatically by connecting the charging cable, without the need for activation
    • Automatic start delay (charging at cheaper rates)
    • Possibility to control charging according to current consumption of the building, without increasing the main circuit breaker (ENERGY SYSTEM VOLTERRA)
    • 1x three-phase charging 400 V AC / 32 A (MENNEKES)
    • Maximum charging power 22 kW
    • Aluminium construction of the charging station
    • Minimum maintenance requirements
    • Dimensions 400 x 400 x 185 mm


    • Český produkt
    • Dobíjecí stanice je  vyrobena z hliníkových slitin
    • Osazení standardizovanými zásuvkami pro nabíjení
    • Vhodné pro instalaci v interiéru i exteriéru

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Benefity VOLTDRIVE SILENTIUM W charging station

Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, so they are suitable especially for the city traffic (but not only there!).

Saving of Operating Costs

Electric vehicles bring saving of operating costs – you do not have to buy any fuel, you just recharge the battery.

Undemanding Maintenance

Servicing is cheaper and easier than with the “classic” vehicles. The electric motor has fever defects.

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